Friday, 7 November 2008

Training Your Dog - Jumping through hoop

Kaluha is already trained in these videos...these are just videos to explain how we trained her. You may need to do each of these steps multiple times to get your dog trained. Our dog is four months old.

Step one...getting used to the hoop
Place your hoop on the ground so your dog just has to walk through it.
Be sure to give your dog a treat or lots of praise each time he/she succeeds.

Step two...a little higher
Hold the hoop 10-20 cm or 10 inches off the ground and hold the
treat on the opposite side of the hoop but near the top
so they have to hop up to reach it.

Step three...jumping
Hold the hoop at jumping height depending on your dogs jumping ability.

That's it! It's easy!



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