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Biology: Wolf eel

Wolf eel couple

The family Anarhichadidae or Wolf eels are not true eels like the Moray, They are a class by them selves. Wolf-eels have a very long, eellike body with no pelvic fins or lateral line. The can be from grey to brown to a greenish color. Thir bodies a covered with round dark spots surrounded by pale rings. they can be as long as 2.4m (7 feet) and weigh up to 40 pounds (18.14kg). Young wolf-eels are beautiful animals, often oRangeish with dark areas merging into stripes at rear of body. They darken as they grow older. wolf eels are found in cold water from Alaska to San Diego.

Adults live in 740 feet (226 m) deep water. Juveniles are pelagic at first and live in the upper part of the water column (some for at least 2 years) A wolf-eel may remain in its home for the rest of its life unless forced out by another wolf eel or an octopus. Wolf-eels are peaceful and shy, but some of the larger animals seem to be unusually aggressive. Some can be trained to eat from a hand with food, but they can be dangeous and one must use caution. Wolf eels eat crustaceans, clams, mussels, sea urchins and other hard-shelled invertebrates as well as fishes, sea cucumbers, snails and benthic invertebrates. They may go after octopus. Wolf eels usually mat for life and share a rock den where the female may lay up to 10,000 eggs.

Wolf-eels are very caring parents relative to most fishes. They trade off egg guard duty, with one guarding while the other hunts.Should something happen to one of the pair, the other may coil around the eggs and fast until they hatch.The female will periodically rotate the eggs until they hatch in 13-16 weeks.

Fishermen catch wolf-eels on hook and line, and the flesh can be tasty. Benthic rockfish and kelp greenlings eat the eggs when they can get to them.

There is currently no commercial fishing of wolf-eels.




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