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Chemistry: Zinc


Basic info:

Symbol: Zn
Atomic Number: 30
Atomic Mass: 65.409 (4) g/mol
Electrons per shell: 2, 8, 18, 2,
Appearance: bluish pale gray
Melting point: 692.68 K, 419.53 C, 787.15 F
Boiling point: 1180 K, 907 C, 1665 F

Zinc is a solid Transition Metal. Zinc is found in rocks, soil, air, and the biosphere. Plants and Animals contain zinc. Minerals and metals are mostly obtained from the earth’s crust. The average level of zinc in earths crust is 70 mg/kg (dry weight), some areas more than others. Some major zinc mining countries are: China, Australia, Peru, Europe and Canada. There are for types of zinc deposits: Volcanic hosted massive sulphides (VMS), Carbonate hosted, Sediment hosted (sedex deposits), Intrusion related (high sulphidation, skarn, manto, vein). Zinc is normally found with lead, copper, gold, or silver. The most common zinc mineral is sphalerite (ZnS).

Zinc ores were used centuries before zinc was discovered, it was used to make brass and zinc compounds. It's ore was also used to heal wounds and sore eyes.It is believed that the Romans first made brass in the time of Augustus (20 B.C. – 14 A.D.). Marco polo described zinc oxide manufacturing in Persia in the 13th century. By 1374, zinc was recognized in India as a new metal – the 8th metal known to man at that time. Zinc metal and zinc oxide were manufactured in Zawar, India from the 12th to the 16 century. Zinc Production moved to China in the 17th century. Zinc was recognized in Europe as a separate metal in the 16th century when Agricola observed that a metal called “zincum” was produced in Slesia and Paracelsus stated clearly that '“zincum” was a new metal. Europe's first zinc smelter was in Bristol, U.K. In 1916 the electrolytic process replaced the pyrometallurgical process.

Zinc has a number of uses from brass to batteries. Zinc is essential for the normal healthy growth and reproduction of plants, animals and humans. Zinc is a very important metal.

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