Friday, 28 November 2008

Biology: Plecostomus


  • Family: Loricariidae
  • The name "plecostomus" means "folded mouth"
  • Plecos, when introduced to an aquarium, will often find a permanent resting place (under or inside an ornament or rock, for example)
  • Many believe that Plecostomus only grow as big as habitat allows, this in not true a small enclosure may only slow its growth.
  • A small tank may stunt its growth this may lead to poor health or early death.
  • The pleco (short for Plecostomus) is a vegetarian in nature, so its diet should be duplicated as closely as possible in the aquarium.
  • To date, there have been no spawnings reported in the home aquarium.
  • The Plecostomus is bred in large quantities on fish farms in the Far East and Florida.
  • As an adult, it is extremely intolerant of its own kind, although two can be kept together if they are added simultaneously as juveniles and allowed to "grow up" together.
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